“I live on my own in Leeds and have done for just over two years.  I am on Jobseeker’s Allowance and have been ever since I moved into my own place. I am currently looking for paid employment but so far have been unsuccessful.  I have not been involved in any caring, but I was in care myself.

I am currently on the Work Programme and have been for about a year. I had a sanction on my JSA claim over a year ago for not having a good excuse for missing an appointment.  I find living on benefits strenuous at times but I have learned to organise it around payment my bills which include water, electric and (very recently) council tax too. The idea of benefits as a lifestyle choice is appalling.  It gives all the others who are on benefits but don’t want to be a bad name.

I am hoping to start a course at university but I am goint to attend a careers meeting first.  In terms of short-term goals, I am looking to find a job in retail. ”

Listen to Sam’s interview, recorded in May 2015

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