“I am a 26 year old single person living in a bedsit.  I am currently on benefits, and have just finished a month’s benefit sanction.  I am not employed but I am a volunteer at a homeless shelter.  I am also looking for work.  I have been affected by welfare reforms due to complications with the Work Programme and Housing Benefits leaving me penniless on a sanction, and at one point homeless.

Living on benefits is hard: there is no hope for the long run.  In reality, benefits could never be a lifestyle choice because by the third day after receiving your benefits all the money has gone after paying for bills, fines, Housing Benefit over-payments, and Crisis Loans.  There is nothing left to buy enough food to last a fortnight and for travel expenses to travel and find work.

I have many hopes for the future, but whilst on benefits and with job situations as they are now, the future looks bleak. All I do is keep the faith.”

Listen to Adrian’s interview recorded in May 2015

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