“I think that this is an important film that every MP should watch. Politicians and campaigners are speaking up for the people who are suffering greatly from the benefit cuts, and the demonisation of benefit recipients, but it is particularly powerful to hear from the individuals affected in their own words. This method of animation enables their words to be heard, without them risking further stigmatisation.”  Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party

“There is a great deal of noise about changes to welfare, and many people express loud and contradictory views. The voices that are too rarely heard are those with real experience of what is happening to them. This excellent, moving and well evidenced film  allows us all to hear the voices of people affected by the changes. It is a privilege to listen to them, and I hope that policy makers, practitioners and politicians listen to these powerful, compelling voices and take the time to hear what they are saying to us all’ Julia Unwin, Chief Executive, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

“Dole animators is an insight into the daily stigma experienced by those reliant on social security in Austerity Britain, the making of the film demonstrates the strong work ethic of those unlucky enough to be without paid employment. Stigmatised by media coverage and politicians and socially excluded due to poverty, this group show their willingness to pull themselves up by the bootstraps whilst those straps are pulled further from their reach by government cuts” Kaliya Franklin, Activist and blogger

The video should be compulsory viewing for those charged with helping people back into work; the work programme isn’t working and needs replacing with a more personal approach that works with peoples ambitions and provides genuine hope for the future.        Cllr Keith Wakefield, Leader of Leeds City Council

“This excellent film succeeds in humanising people whose dehumanisation lies at the heart of the Government’s economic and social policy. Cultural resistance to social and economic injustice has a long and proud history. All In This Together takes its rightful place as part of that history. As Malcolm X once said: ‘If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything’. This film at this time stands for justice.”     John Wight, Huffington Post

It’s really powerful, especially in countering the myth that everyone on benefits wants to live a life on benefits. It’s also very moving. I am particularly concerned about the impact on my constituents of the  hated and unfair bedroom tax, and the changes to council tax benefit. I have done some research on the number of people who have been summonsed which was released last week and got some coverage in the papers and on the BBC. Keep up the good work and I hope lots of people get to see what you have produced Hilary Benn, Labour MP for Leeds Central, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

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