filmmaking process

in progress B+W trio

The process for making the film used collaborative film making methods and documentary and animation techniques. The participant group worked with professional film maker Ellie Land and researcher Ruth Patrick. Ellie was responsible for guiding the creative thinking and practicalities of film making on the project, whilst Ruth was responsible for guiding the subject matter and content, with a particular focus on exploring the findings from the research project which the participants had been involved with over the previous two years.

As the group were not actually going to be animating the final film (due to time and budget restraints) the first thing the group did was ‘have a go’ at animating themselves, first with plasticine and then with paper. The group animated the trailer for the film.

Next, the group decided on the key themes and messages that the film should communicate, this was then written up as a brief for the film. This became the guide for making creative decisions in the film making process.

The group had their personal stories recorded as a voice over and this was edited by Ellie into a narrative, which covered the key themes and messages agreed in the project brief. This was then shared with the group, who gave feedback and comments to improve the narrative. In response to the feedback, further sound was recorded until the group were happy with the narrative.

The group then storyboarded sections of the film and made creative decisions about how to visually represent some of the themes and ideas. These storyboard sequences were then edited into the existing sound narrative. This is called an animatic.

Next the group worked with two animators David Burnett and Lauren Shepherd to look at designing their characters and some of the visual sequences in the film. Then David and Lauren took the groups animatic and design ideas and started the long process of actually bringing to life the groups ideas through animation. The animation production stage took 4 – 6 weeks to complete. During this stage the participant group watched segments of the animation and made comments for improvement.

We are currently working towards completing the animation.  Once the animation is finished and the group have signed off the final edit, Ellie will run a workshop with the group where they will decide upon the music and sound effects required. These will then be added to the film by Ellie.

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